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Our mission is to contribute to the digitalization of the logistics industry by adopting the Hyperledger frameworks and modules to build a very specific use-case as a digital freight forwarder. 

"Only an Open Source, collaborative software development approach can ensure the transparency, longevity, interoperability and support required to bring blockchain technologies forward to mainstream commercial adoption. That is what Hyperledger is about - communities of software developers building blockchain frameworks and platforms."


One of Hyperledger's key goals is to facilitate the process of standards formation, not by promoting its own distributed ledger(s), but by providing a space for a variety of standards to co-exist simultaneously:

"Rather than declaring a single blockchain standard, it encourages a collaborative approach to developing blockchain technologies via a community process, with intellectual property rights that encourage open development and the adoption of key standards over time."


Hart arbeiten und die Chancen nutzen, die sich ergeben.
Work hard and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.
Trabaja duro y aprovecha las oportunidades que surgen.


Instant Quotes

Get instant sea-freight quotations in all trade lanes between Northern Europe (Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands) and Mexico's Gulf Ports (Altamira and Veracruz)

Internet of freight

We orchestrate end-to-end container shipping powered by the IBM Cloud - deploying their assets on the field. Hyperledger Fabric acts as our reliable bookkeeper and Watson as our assistant

Full visibility

Be constantly in-the-know with our 24/7 tracking. Enjoy complete transparency from pick-up to delivery with smart notifications that keeps all stakeholders updated