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Collaboration Mentality

How long will the cut-throat competition mentality reign in the Logistics industry?

There is currently more capacity than demand in the market, which would mean more options and possibilities for shippers trying to send cargo to other countries. The reality is that shippers - a.k.a. customers of transport companies, are caught dead-smack in the middle of a battle between established heavyweights and thousands of hungry contenders trying to get a piece of the market's pie.

Competition will always exist as long as there are scarce resources to fight for, but in 2017 on planet Earth, I think we can all agree that there is an ABUNDANCE of resources that we have to figure out how to organize better. The logistics industry needs better collaboration to figure out which challenges are going unattended or not being solved optimally at all. Clinch Logistics has a focus on increasing international commerce, by creating quick and reliable price quotation that will help you move a container from X to Y. 

Our web application expedites this process and allows you to generate quick-fire price quotes, book them on the spot and be sure that the cargo will arrive the final destination. 

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Hart arbeiten und die Chancen nutzen, die sich ergeben.
Work hard and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.
Trabaja duro y aprovecha las oportunidades que surgen.

— Klaus-Michael Kühne. 2014


Hamburg, unsere Perle

Clinch Logistics' headquarters is located in Hanseatic Hamburg, Germany's biggest port. The city thrives on international trade and is a hub for logistics companies.

Logistic technology

We are not a freight marketplace, we manage end-to-end container shipping. Our algorithms produce instant price quotes and our technology tracks every transaction. 

expert power

Clinch Logistics is conformed by logistics enthusiasts. Professionals with vast experience in the industry and Masters degree to back it up.