From Source To Table

Our Most Valuable Player? The Farmers

We are partnering with farmers in the north of Mexico to make sure that our consensus starts at the farm scanning the perishables at the source to include them into the consensus layer, hence the final consumer in China can enjoy the delicious harvest and be sure that their meal has been tracked all the way to their plates.

Our mission is to shape the tracking of good food all the way from source to your table by deploying an immutable record that stands the test of time and technology disruption.

Boot-Strapping in Germany

We are helping the next generation of logistics startups build state-of-the-art products. While putting sweat equity with our brothers on the trenches, we at Clinch also build a freight management platform to help Latin American companies diversify their portfolio as the economical instability grows.

By bootstrapping Clinch Logistics we are going as far as the market will take us, so then we can reassess our position and continue battling the problems that plagues the industry such as differing standards, asset security and transparency and much more.

Hyperledger - El Blockchain Empresarial

Resumen de Hyperledger Fabric para aquel que se pregunta como podemos empezar a implementar el blockchain en la cadena de suministro global. Hyperledger es el primer paso en un largo camino para mejorar el estado de esta cadena de global que requiere de un protocolo como el que se habla en este blog post. Tecnología de Ledger Distribuido es algo que nos ayuda a reducir la corrupción y mejorar la seguridad de nuestras compañias y empresas - especialmente en México que es donde mas se necesita al momento.

NUMA MX - Batch 17

Do you want to join a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and digital devotees? Then NUMA’s free coworking space proudly sponsored by Facebook and
IBM is right for you!

KLU Startup Day 2018

Clinch Logistics is extremely proud to have pitched in their Alma Mater, where this project really started.  We look forward to participating for years to come and to see how the Hamburg startup ecosystem develops with it. Thanks KLU!