Episode #1 with Henning Martin - DemoGate

Hi there,

Thanks for tuning in. If you are in the chartering business and more specifically in the scrapping side of it, this episode will open the door to a new way of doing it. This time, I talk to Henning Martin the founder of DemoGate, which is an auction website to sell and/or buy old container vessels. For more information visit www.demogate.com to learn more about auctioning your old ships. 

DemoGate sit together with Clinch Logistics in the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg where we are working together in collaboration with corporations looking for ways to handle this big change called digitalization. Today we talk about:

  • Background on Henning and why he was looking for something more exciting in his career
  • The details of recycling/scrapping a ship
  • How many people are needed to dismantle a ship
  • How many ships a year are being scrapped and what is the market
  • Why he joined the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg

Lastly, I would encourage feedback to improve the podcast, be it technically or creatively. You can always shoot us an email or comment below. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Henning.