Launching at the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg

Last year the city of Hamburg decided to spark the entrepreneurial fire surrounding the port and everyone involved in the logistics sector. Using the Logistik Initiativ Hamburg as a vehicle of motion, they created the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg a.k.a. The Hub, to unite corporates and startups in a creative and modern environment in order to fuel innovation together.

Digital Hub.PNG

Corporations want to see how startups are innovating, which development frameworks they are using and how fast their iteration cycles are in certain product lines.

Startups want to experience and guidance from these established corporations, eager to let a helping hand in getting new potential customer segments using existing infrastructure and of course, the possibilities of getting seed investment and/or launch a joint venture.

It is nothing new to say, the logistics and shipping industry in general are "traditional". With traditional we mean, slow in reacting to change. The nature of this business - moving cargo, has existed for thousands of years and just because a startup say they are revolutionizing the industry does not mean everything will be different. Goods will still need carrying from point A to point B, and unless a teleporter is finally invented, every innovation in this field is just an incremental improvement. That means, as entrepreneurs and startups roll up their sleeves and get to work in digitalizing critical processes, old companies will have to look at what is bringing value to the industry and adapt it or risk perishing.

Being at the Hub gives Clinch Logistics a front-row seat into the digitalization of one of the biggest ports in Europe and we cherish the opportunity to implement our own digital freight forwarding tool to help towards the cause.

We will update you on the latest events and stories here so stay tuned.