Beta-Phase Underway


After months of planning, developing our Beta-Phase, we are going live with our digital freight forwarding web application managing freight between Germany and Mexico.

Our goal to create an application that is reliable, fast and engaging has been priority #1.

Clinch Logistics' Web App is installable and lives on the user's home screen, without the need for an app store. It offers an immersive full-screen experience that can re-engage users with web push notifications even without having your browser open.

Why start with Mexico?


Clinch Logistics GmbH is made of Logistics enthusiasts with the intent to digitalize key logistics processes along the global supply chain - meaning we want to make container booking simple. Our team is constituted of mainly of Mexican born professionals and the Latin American market has been neglected by U.S. and European companies, and rightly so.

There are a lot of obvious problems when doing business in Mexico and Latin America for that matter- mainly corruption and insecurity. We want to tackle the first one r head on, bringing transparency and accountability to every party responsible for moving freight in Mexico.

If you are located in Germany or Mexico and already import/export products, give us a try to show what a digital freight forwarder is all about. If you have not started venturing into new markets, but want to test your product in any of the above mentioned countries - contact us to know more about it.

With Clinch Logistics it is easier than you think.