Open Positions

Full Stack Engineer


"Build products that help people embrace the digitalization of the logistics industry"


  • Experience with Javascript, Java, Python, Node.js MySQL/NoSQL.
  • Software development patterns like OOP, Flux/Redux, Modular, MVVM, MVC and Observer.
  • ES2015 and functional JavaScript is a plus.  Using methods like map, reduce and filter.
  • A healthy discipline of test driven development (TDD).

Front End skills

  • Proficiency with JavaScript core language features and functionality.  String manipulation, working on collections, building and destroying DOM elements, event-based development, AJAX etc...
  • Experience building and maintaining front end applications with modern frameworks and tools like Angular.js, React.js, Ember.js or Vue.js.
  • Being familiar with terms like "partials" and "components".
  • Ability to author and maintain semantic and accessible markup.
  • At Clinch Logistics we are all about style, so CSS is a must for front end development.  Understanding of practical uses of responsive design, the use of tools like SASS, and the authoring modular CSS.

Customer -Satisfaction Director


"Helping shippers have peace on mind while their cargo is adrift"


  • The Customer Satisfaction Manager performs the day-to-day overall management of the shipping process. This role ensures that all process activities are being performed and that they are staffed adequately.
  • Oversees all customer satisfaction activities, including collection of data, analysis of data, and communication of findings.
  • Contacts customers concerning customer satisfaction issues


  • Be resourceful and have a "no stone unturned'' mentality.
  • Organized and analytical - able to create a problem resolution plan
  • Proven customer support experience
  • Familiar with CRM systems and practices
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills


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