First, why did Clinch Logistics change business model?

Then, why a logistics agency?

We help you find your logistic voice

When we meet with our clients, we treat that time as gold. Nothing is more important than progress, and life building a product that is not getting enough traction can be cruel and painstakingly hard. We empathize with end users across all spectrums of the logistics industry and we want to help you get started.

Check out our "Fee Structure + Services” page, where you can choose a topic that you know want to improve and we will treat you with the utmost respect in confidentiality if need be.

Doings things that don’t scale sets the foundation for the product, for the team and for you market. This means recruiting every user, engaging with him in trying to solve his problem, listening to how he solves it at the moment, then setting him up right there and then to your product to gauge the reactions and hopefully get a smile from him that points towards a happy client. 

Product managers have to fend off resistance and not automate everything from the start, only this is how you will get to a place where you know not only your users but also your own team and market.

We are helping the next generation of logistics startups build state-of-the-art products. While putting sweat equity with our brothers on the trenches, we at Clinch also built a product in order to explore as many profit avenues as it was possible for us. We are not so much interested in moving containers as we are of seeing a product - physical or ethereal, develop and achieve product-market fit. We have clients that charge us on an hourly basis, other have us on retainer as it serves schedules and workflow advance much better and also we have collaborated on a limited scope or project basis.