How We Boot-Strapped Ourselves in Germany

Feeding at the bottom of the food-chain

We are helping the next generation of logistics startups build state-of-the-art products. While putting sweat equity with our brothers on the trenches, we at Clinch also built a product in order to explore as many profit avenues as it was possible for us. We are not so much interested in moving containers as we are of seeing a product - physical or ethereal, develop and achieve product-market fit. We have clients that charge us on an hourly basis, other have us on retainer as it serves schedules and workflow advance much better and also we have collaborated on a limited scope or project basis.

When we turned 1 year old this past November, it made us realize that no one advances in the logistic industry - or in any industry for that matter, unless it is through collaboration.

Evolving with the ecosystem

Our participation in the German startup ecosystem led us a very particular avenue. We started trying to create a Transport Management System, but when we realized that all we had was talent and no resources we had to pivot into an agency model where we leverage our skills in the market to produce results. Facts matter.

This allowed us to push forward without raising any VC investment, giving us control to focus on tasks that would actually pay us. This also meant that our plate got full of work in no-time, as everyone has a problem and there is not enough hours on a day to solve everything that a startup entails.

When we work with a new client we put everything clear up-front regarding fee structure, project’s scope and duration and the goals that want to be achieved.

If you are interested in collaborating in any way, shape or form, please get in contact.

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Scaling Your Product, Doing Things That Don't Scale