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Logistics Services to Fulfill

A major benefit of choosing a reliable global digital freight forwarder like Clinch Logistics is the simplicity to quote prices, book shipments on the spot and follow up the transportation progress in a centralized platform. It is a strategic advantage for logistic providers to align their different services with a forwarder that simplifies the service for the final customer. Clinch Logistics is working as the link that unifies customers and providers in one point, taking advantage of subcontracting the services to the most specialized providers and leveraging this power to get fair prices and reliable service.

Streamline your global logistics department

Time is of the essence when you have to move a container across continents. You need options and you need them fast. Our web application streamline shipping processes like quoting prices, booking shipments and tracking them to the final destination. It is always better to have a second opinion, that is why you can choose your best shipping option based on price, transit time and/or port of loading and discharge.  


It's a data warehouse

What does that mean? Clinch Logistics is a large store of data accumulated from a wide range of sources within a company and used to guide management decisions


Finally, the global supply chain is digitized